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IDC Fund Raising

International Dining Club, Ltd. firmly believes in giving back to the public for their generosity in helping IDC to become very popular in so many cities and states. IDC has fundraising options that can be utilized by schools, religious organizations, or any charitable type organization that is in need of fundraising endeavors and would like to raise substantial sums of money. Of course, there is no cost to your organization to participate in the various fundraising plans.

Memberships are sent to your organization on a consignment basis and you only pay for the memberships when they are sold!

One of the advantages of IDC is that your organization can fundraise year round and every potential member will receive a full twelve month membership. Call our toll free number 1-800-849-4432 and ask for our Fundraising Chairman and your favorite organization will be on the road to great success and raising much needed capital.


IDC's toll free number 800-849-4432



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